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What you think of Rumple...


"We hired Rumple and Friends to attend our son's 6th birthday party, and to say we we were pleased with Scott's proformance, is an understatement.

The kids were laughing and engaged throughout the entire performance, and all of us adults had some good laughs as well. Everyone that attended boasted about what a great show it was.

We highly recommend Rumple and Friends, and look forward to hiring him again soon!"

Shows and Rates 


The Classic Rumple Show
1  hour - $225

You couldn’t fit more fun into an hour - many have tried and all have failed. An hour with Rumple includes the following:

- 30 minute super silly magic show

- 30 minutes high-energy party games

- 5 minutes photo opportunity

- 5 minutes leading the birthday song/helping cut the cake

* Clowns can’t do maths

Rumple… and then some
1.5 hours - $275

Why not keep the fun going with our most popular package. An hour and a half party will get you the following:

- 30 minute super silly magic show

- 30 minute circus skills crash course

- 30 minutes high-energy party games

- 5 minutes photo opportunity

- 5 minutes leading the birthday

song/helping cut the cake

Character Performer - Add $50


Maybe a clown isn’t for you (No, I’m not crying, I just have some dust in my eye) But how about a SUPER HERO?!? or even a PIRATE!!!

‘Super Rumple’ will crash land on your party and teach you how to be super-duper just like him! A superhero party includes the following

- 30 minute Super-Duper Magic Show

- 30/60 minute ‘Super Hero Training’

Frequently Asked Questions

What age are your shows suitable for?

We like to think we can put a smile on anyone’s face whether you’re 1 or 100, though if you had to push us - 3-8 years old is probably the sweet spot.

What happens in a Rumple show?

Each performance lasts between 30-45 minutes and combines high-energy silly comedy with magic. The show is highly interactive and each audience member will have the opportunity to participate and be part of the action. We rely heavily on audience suggestions as we go along meaning no two shows will ever be the same.

How much space do I need?

The bigger the space, the better, but truthfully, we can make it work just about anywhere. We have performed in school halls, back yards, living rooms, parks, theatres, restaurants and just about anywhere you can think. We only ask that you switch off any noise making equipment (bouncy castles/music systems etc.) during the show so that the kids can be properly engaged.

What if my kid is too shy?

Don’t worry. With over 1,000 performances under our belt, we have loads of experience performing for kids of all personalities. We are able to tailor our performance to be as interactive as you like and even adjust the show as we go if we notice your little one needs to change it up.

My kid is scared of clowns

When you picture a clown - you might think of the big fuzzy wig, red nose and face paint, but that’s not the kind of clown rumple is. We chose to keep our costume as simple and human as possible to make sure we’re relatable, approachable and inclusive for everyone.

Can you do face painting or balloon twisting?

Yes we can! That’s where we call on the ‘friends’ of Rumple and Friends. We will happily provide face painters, balloon twisters, arts and craft stalls and more to tailor your special day the exact way you want it. Send us a message with your requirements.

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