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At Rumple & Friends, we are passionate about using drama to educate, inspire, and entertain. Our mission is to create unique and engaging experiences that leave a lasting impact on our audience.  We bring education to life through captivating performances and interactive workshops. Whether it's in schools, community centers, or corporate events, we believe in the power of storytelling to connect people and spark imagination. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to make a difference through the magic of drama.



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Live Education Dramas

Our Live Educational Shows are performed by professionally trained actors and use drama as an exciting and interactive medium to learn. We come to you and can perform for as many students as you need. 

Shows can also be accompanied by pre and post-show workshops to re-enforce learning outcomes. Our current show "For Goodness Cakes" explores the importance of healthy eating and exercise.


Drama Workshops

Need an After-School drama club? Perhaps you have a big Christmas production coming up and want your students to excel? We can help with that. We have years of experience producing kids shows and can write, direct and produce your next drama. We also create bespoke extra-curricular drama programs to assist with...

- Public speaking

- Building Confidence

- Expression

-Presentation Skills

- Drama skills

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Professional Development

Want to bring drama into the classroom? 

Let us design a PA day experience that helps you utilise the power of drama to enhance 

- Classroom Management

- Student Team Building

- Energising or focusing your students

- Channelling disruptive energy into positive energy.

- Learning how to produce a school play

All training is tailored to meet your needs.

Goodness Cakes

A live Professional Drama about Heathy Eating and Exercise - performed in YOUR SCHOOL!

"Celebrity" Chef Scott loves to bake, and loves to bake BIG! Join him in creating his most delicious recipe yet... The 'For Goodness' Cake. It's packed full of delicious ingredients such as;

- A dollop of "5 Fruits and Veggies per day"

- A slathering of "60 minute's exercise"

- A Pinch of a "Good Night's Sleep"

- A dash of "Make your plate right"

The show - based on information provided by 'Canada's Food Guide' lasts 1 hour and is suitable for Elementary schools age students. It's highly interactive and includes lots of audience participation to enhance the learning experience.

Pre and Post show workshops also available

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